In memory of Grisette: Life of a cat



I simply LOVED my cat, and enjoyed living next to her for about 15 years: without her I probably wouldn't be here, because I would be either 4 grounds under Earth, or in some psychiatric hospital. So here is how one can sum up the nice quiet life of a nice quiet cat:

First of all, a cat likes being petted.

Without even being petted (a cat sometimes happens to understand we can have some other occupation than organising its own well-being...), the place of a cat is and will remain KNEELS, where it could stay quietly for hours, in fact I have to say there could be some atomic bombing next to it, dear little cat would barely hear it...

A cat also likes having plaaaace: hey he's feeling good, so he's simply sprawling! ... on your bed, on chairs, on tables, wherever!

Sometimes, a cat sprawls so much that you have to develop treasures of ingenuity to work despite The Beast being here!

A "well-living" cat always knows how to make you do whatever he wishes (someone said "like a child"?): he' s a master in the art of "ooh yeah I know how to pout!".

A cat likes waiting quietly somewhere, just waiting for time to pass.

A cat also knows how to "extend" his body.

A cat also has some activity, once in a while: he spends a lot of time hunting!



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