Sometimes, I have a strange need of killing "light technicians"... and strangely it always happens when I go to a concert of HammerFall: their "light technician" has to be specialized in lights that destroy "no flash" photos... Well ok guys: from now on, I will use a flash when taking live photos of HammerFall, I don't care if I will have "artificial" photos because of that, of if my flash makes them blind for a few seconds! You know who you have to blame for that buddies!
(and, once again, I forgot to take "real" photos of Joacim... but everytime he came to my side of the stage lights were too bad to allow to try to take a photo: I wasn't much inspired by him, thank you dear Mr Lights Technician!!)

Oh yeah you're a good guitarist Birdy...

And here is, Ladies and Gentlement, Mr. Poser of the Month! Congratulations!

Poser too, but in a more "ouba-me-happy"-style...

"Ooh yeah this note I just played simply killed!"

Two posers together... well they pose, logic!

When Oscar cannot spit fire (they forgot to ask for an authorization for pyros "on time" I believe)... good old traditional methods rule!


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