- Euphony

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Note: 9/10, because it' s "only" an instrumental, eh.

I rarely like instrumental albums, because they're often only an excuse for "the musician" to prove his skills as a musician... and it' s boring! But there have to be exceptions, always, and this album is an excellent example of that!: Here, guitars are used to "serve" the melodies, not to show what a good guitarist Daita (ex-guitarist of Siam Shade) can be. And the melodies are really great. This album could have been a movie soundtrack actually, because it' s soft-rock + a very specific "image" is attached to every song, you can obviously hear that melodies were composed in that aim, and of course this "image" is always related to the title of the track: in the end, you can guess the theme of this title only by listening to the song, which proves that they are good melodies/arrangements! Most of the songs are really calm, really peaceful: it' s a very relaxing album to listen to, most pleasant.
Give an ear to this album if you have an occasion, really, even if you usually don't like instrumental albums so much, you shouldn't regret it!



01- Breath of the Sea
02- Earth Beat
03- suna no shiro
04- Zenith
05- Eon
06- Triumphal Return
07- Ammersee

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