- Pepperoni Quatro

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Note: 8,5/10, because it still lacks some originality... but I love it!

And here we go again, with our beloved Californian punk-rock band... from-Japan! Once again, it' s not exceptionnally original, but it' s goooood!: Next to the eternal "happy-punky" songs, like Supernova or Pizza Man, there are darker(/more "metal") ones, like Addicted or The lost World, some made to be sang along in concerts, like Make a Wish, and so on...: they keep on playing the same kind of music, and improve! As musicians, as composers, as everything! And that gives us an album that may inspire you stupid hand choregraphies, unstoppable heabanguings, or "calmer" moments! That's what is good!
If you're looking for originality then forget about this album, but if you're looking some nice, fun, still sometimes dark (or it would be boring) punk-rock-slightly metal album: RUN to this one! I can't stop listening to it (and definitely intend to buy it as soon as I find it on sale somewhere), there's a good reason for that!


01- Supernova
02- Star Fish
03- Make a Wish
04- Addicted
05- Butterfly
06- My bloody Holiday
07- Pizza Man
08- The lost Words
09- Perfect Days
10- Good morning kids

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