- Black Stone

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Note: 8/10, because it makes me hope in Gackt again.

Finally a Gackt single where the "A-side" track isn't a ballad/love song! We were beginning to lose hope! Black Stone is a rythmed/positive pop-rock song, kind of Another World and such -like, very Gackt-like to sum up. Ash is an accoustic (a little dark) ballad with a heavier sound / electric guitars on the chorus... very Gackt-like again, to sum up bis. But I say it in a positive way for this single.
didn't look for a lot of originality here, but at least he shows us that yes yes, he's still able to do something else than all cuty-softy love songs, so, at least, this single gives us some hope (again) for his next album!



01- Black Stone
02- Ash
03- Black Stone (inst.)
04- Ash (inst.)

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