- Disorder

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Note: 6/10, I really can't stand neo-metal, sorry guys, although a few songs are "better"...

I didn't love first songs of them I heard, but gave them a new chance because I liked what was shown of them on the Beauti-Fool's fest 2003 video... and, to make things simple, now I regret it: I don't know if they copy Dir en Grey, I'd rather say Dir en Grey and Gazette have the same influences. But, while Dir en Grey turned these influences into something -HEAVY- on their albums (except 6 Ugly and some songs on kisou, but that's a big minority in their discography), Gazette turns them into something definitely neo-metal. And, if you read this review, you probably know how much I -hate- neo-metal... therefore cannot like this album... + When they try to do something more "music only/mainly", it's really obvious that their singer CAN'T sing / should really improve his interpretations: Kyo is often -nearly out of key-, although rarely -completely out of key-, and is so much "into his song" that you forgive him for his little mistakes... but Gazette's singer is COMPLETELY out of key when he tries to sing (take lessons if you want to be a professional singer guy! it would be time!), and he's far far FAR from Kyo's level of interpretation... what remains? a pretening-to-be-singer who I want to hit everytime he misses a note... and this means very often! Songs are better from the 7th track (-romanisations I found look weird: I prefer not using them in this review), but well... I had to go through so many bad songs (for a neo-metal hater like me) + I always feel like I'm listening to some old Dir en Grey / Kuroyume / whatever old songs, that... do your own stuff guys!

Hum so in the end... if you like neo-metal / Mucc [for the first part of the album] / don't like Dir en Grey anymore because they're too commercial / don't know Kuroyume or Sads or such bands that much [for all of the album, but even more the second part], you will probably like this album, but as it's not my case I didn't like it... it wasn't made for people like me after all!



01- Intro
02- The $ocial riot machine$
03- Carry
04- zakuro kata no yuutsu
05- Maximum Impulse
06- hana kotoba
07- toukyou chuushin
08- SxDxR
09- Anti-Pop
10- 7gatsu 8ka
11- saraba
12- Disorder Heaven

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