L' arc en ciel
- Smile

(only mp3s: no album: no cover!)

Note: 7/10, because, really, I can't "get into it"... as often with L' Arc.

Sorry to fans, but I don't really love L' Arc in general, only some songs here or there. And this album won't make me change my mind... I don't mean it' s a bad album, not at all, it' s only... some pop/rock album with some good songs in it, a majority of usual songs, as often with pop/rock albums nowadays, and that's it. Of course I love Ready steady go thanks to / because of Full metal Alchemist (THE absolute anime of the year! and because of which I always feel a little "dark" when I listen to this song!), there's Revelation that quite sounds like "The Beautiful People" from Marilyn Manson when they played it on TV... on Pop Jam I believe? (not so obvious when you listen to the album, but really on this tv-live there was not a single doubt!), you often feel "mmmmh... reminds me of something!" when you listen to most of the songs by the way. And well... that's it, some funny/nice little songs, but nothing really exceptionnal all in all: nice little songs to play when your parents come home... Maybe because, when every member is also in another band that doesn't play a very different kind of music, they keep some songs for their other band, not to say most of their best songs, and the "main formation" only gets "what remains"? Beh don't know, I've never been a L' Arc-en-Ciel lover after all...



01- seppun
02- Ready steady go
03- Lover Boy
04- Feeling fine
05- Time goes on
06- Coming closer
07- eien
08- Revelation
09-hitomi no jyunin
10- Spirit dreams inside

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