- Ultimate Circus

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Note: 7/10, because it's too "unequal"

The album begins well: Promenade and Muzzle, Muzzle, Muzzle are funny and heavy (+ I like remembering my past as a classical pianist when I listen to some music...). Then M-aria [an aria for M? sorry, this spelling always made me laugh...]... which I don't like so much, too "nicey-softy", nothing exceptional at all, I would even say quite boring: bygones. We go back to something good with kabuki logical, which I like a lot: sounds quite weird in the verse parts, but somehow it' s ok.Something more traditional (for heavy), still good, with Believe (although maybe a little usual, "mmmh... already heard it somewhere!" [<- I can't help thinking of kurenai when I listen to the guitar solos...]). And we go again to most usual songs with Mind Ocean... Hate is a little more funny, still sounds quite usual after a while. And another usual ballad with Akane... same with 36°7... kyoukutou... isn't exceptional at all, but when you went through so many usual songs, it' s welcome... but only "welcome". Loopain is funny, basic, slow, but funny: I like it (could have deserved some more nerves, but well...). And back to basic ballads with Over... but well, I like the chorus: less usual than what was before. And finaly a good ballad with Aquaria, too bad Yomi is such a bad singer when he uses his clear voice, it will probably be better in some years, when he learns to use his voice.

All in all... there are somee good songs, although very few are REALLY good (maybe one or two, no more), and a lot of usual ones... not a bad album, but far from exceptional, really. And it' s not a good sign when I think "this band could be good... especialy when the singer stops singing!" (because Yomi somehow lost his screaming voice when they recorded this album: he only sings with a clear voice... and his clear voice is far from the most melodic around... although it can be ok sometimes... sometimes...)


01- Promenade
02- Muzzle, Muzzle, Muzzle
03- M-aria
04- kabuki logical
05- Believe
06- Mind Ocean
07- Hate
08- Akane
09- 36.7°
10- kyokutou ranshin tengoku
11- Looping
12- Over
13- Aquaria

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