- Reason



Note: 9/10, because I love it and that's all!

I spoke so much of this album on several "metal communities" that I forgot to speak of it on my own site... which is a shame, because I really do love it!

A warning to those who loved the first album first: If you liked it for its let's-be-happy-like musics, there are high chances you won't like Reason so much: it is -far- less positive/happy. Don't be surprised that "it doesn't sound like Angra!" either: tell me if I'm wrong, but they formed a new band because they wanted to play slightly different music, didn't they? So yes they don't use a looot (/too much) of classical or brasilian arrangements, only a little bit here or there, just enough and not too much. And this is perfect for me: I liked their first album, Ritual, but the clean sound + happy musics made me bored after a while. (...and, up to me, members of Angra now use far too much of these arrangements: heavy-metal is no chamber music, damn it!)

So yes everything isn't perfect, nearly every song could have been improved this or that way (I especially regret the "I want more!"-voice of Andre, it really sounded like when he was in Viper... except that he was more in key here, ahem: it sounded good!), a few arrangements here or there that could have been better as already said, but I personally prefer not enough/unperfect arrangements than far too much, but all in all... there is here what's needed of "dark" (without becoming "desperate" or such: only "dark"), what's needed of complication in the composition, without falling into the prog-like complex (only enough to give the songs some depth, to sum up), and so on and so forth...
To sum up: I agree, this is not perfect. But they're going the good way, definitely! (darker!) And this I like!



01- Turn away
02- Reason
03- More
(Sisters of Mercy cover)
04- Innocence
05- Scared forever
06- In the Night
07- Rough Stone
08- Iron Soul
09- Trail of Tears
10- Born to be

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