- Rakushu

(only mp3s: no album: no cover!)

Note: 6/10, because I'm still looking for originality here + this "singer"...

Everyone likes Kagerou. Therefore I try to like them, I really do. But I can't... Maybe when their singer decides to actually (learn to?) SING it will change, but for now... Musically it' s ok, nothing exceptionnal at all, simply a usual kind of heavy stuff: it' s fine/enough. But the singer... if you can call that a singer... I really think he wastes most/all songs... Yeah yeah yeah, you'll tell me that "wasting" one's voice like that "is typically visual"... well, sorry, but it' s typically Dir en grey-like, and Dir aren't "the-incarnation-of-jrock" + isn't Kyo who wants to, meaning that Kyo knows how to use such voices in a perfectly useful way, while here... if there was a "singer off!" button, I would use it often, really!
Fans will hate me for this review, sorry, but I cannot be honest and say something else... everyone has his tastes after all!
To sum up: fans will LOVE this album, indies-addicts will most probably love it too (one of the specifity of indies being musicians who somehow waste their songs, but everyone says "heeyyyyyyy it' s greaaaaat!!! it sounds different!!!!!"... of course it sounds different: it sounds wasted, eh... my point of view anyway), but you'll have understood that it doesn't suit my tastes. At all. But so many people will praise this album that I'm sure that -one- bad review shouldn't affect them much!



01- Holy Needle
02- XII Dizzy
03- rasen kubi
04- koukotsu jigoku
05- masatsu shinko
06- shibire kokoro
07- kasa
08- nikushimi no hitoti shibai
09- 3.2.1.
10- koi no uta
11- hikari no kage
12- jubaku oto
13- betsuri ro

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