La'Cryma Christi
- Hot Rod Circuit

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I had not writen any review for Cannon Ball, their previous single, because I rarely write singles-reviews... still, I was praying that they go on in the hard-rock/80's style used in this single... because Lord was it good! AND THEY DID IT!!!! Therefore, I decided to write a review for this second single, to thank them for the effort, and pray that they don't stop on their so good way!

Because this single is GOOD!: The first song is excellent, most hard-rock/glam: I defy you not not bang your head listening to it, even a soft kind of headbanguing! + Watch the PV, and you will admire scarfs tied to Taka's microphone... like on Steven Tyler [Aerosmith's singer]'s microphone... in a song where "you shook me all night" [+ "long" at the end of the song] is repeated in the chorus... and a guitarist who seems to love his Slash look... glam my friends, I tell you, it all smells like good old glam! I musn't forget the guitar-solo, because it' s absolutely excellent. I'm about certain I already heard the last melody of this solo by the way... but I can't remember where! blah, after spending my life listening to some music, it' s normal if I forget some things I guess. Still, there's one little detail I don't like so much: the "you shook..."-part has a too clear/clean sound... but well, the other 98% of the song are absolutely great: not so important in the end! + One funny detail: I can't help thinking that Taka received some help for the last two screams, human or "computer" help, but help... yeah yeah that's mean, but I'll stop being mean when he stops singing with his nose / wasting his voice!
The second song is far calmer, it' s the kind of mid-tempo they always use... BUT! with a little groovy/80's touch that changes everything! Taka keeps on stressing me with his nosey-voice, but it' s ok, I concentrate on guitars when he sings (especially as this single is VERY well produced! you can hear the guitars most clearly! yet, the sound isn't "awfully" clean!), and it' s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

Conclusion: Now, we can hope the best for their next album... especially as Cannon Ball already was in this style! Don't disappoint me guys! I trust in you! GO ON THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
(it' s goooood when glams/metalheads finally decide to assume/use their influences!)
Oh and, just for my own very personnal pleasure: GLAAAAAAAaaaaAAAaaAAAAaaaaaAAAaAAAAAMMMM POWEEEEEeeeEEERRR!!!!!



01- Hot Rod Circuit
02- Nothin' to lose
03- Hot Rod Circuit (instr.)
04- Nothin' to lose (instr.)

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