Graaaaaaaaaaah D'espairs Ray!!!!!!!!


Aaaaaaaaaaah my Lord, what a good concert...
Don't ask me about the set-list, I never remember this kind of things! But I know it's about the set-list of concerts they had in Japan recently.

I wanted to arrive early because I didn't want to have "screaming groupies" in front of me... but finally couldn't leave home before 2pm (...while I had planned to ARRIVE at 2pů!: I wanted to show a friend of mine, who was sleeping at my appartment and is a fan of Pierrot, the Attack to the Freedom DVD, but we couldn't watch all of it the night before, because she had had an awfully exhausting day, therefore we "lost" some time on Sunday morning, to watch the end of the dvd!). And indeed... there were already people in front of us, some of them really looked like potential-screaming-groupies... but well, never lose hope, they could decide to go to the toilets or anything before the concert began! And all in all it was fine, cold but fine... until 2 (then 3) Japanese girls came, and (violently) tried to take our places: poor little girls shouldn't believe they can get in front of 3 trained-to-heavy-metal-concerts girls: we made a kind of wall, holding each others' arms, and they didn't take our places... but they really were "unpleasant", to be polite...

There was an awful and endless techno-beat played before the concert, over and over again (techno music makes me bored VERY quickly!), + it sounded weird... and indeed the sound was not so good when the concert began (we barely heard Hizumi,...), but I didn't worry: as often, it was solved after 2-3 songs: good sound (at least correct for such a small venue), no too loud not too "low": absolutely fine.

I was at the third row when the concert began... but didn't stay there for a very long time: I usually need to drink a lot before concerts, otherwise I nearly faint sometimes, and I hadn't had time to drink enough in the morning before this concert: I felt very soon that either I tried to stay and was out of breath after some songs, or I left early, saw the concert a little from the back, but with some place to enjoy the concert, and definitely enough air to breath until the end of the concert... I chose the second solution! (people fear being pushed/pressured, but I really don't care about them, thanks to my rubber-like constitution... but I need air!) And I ended a little on the side of the venue, on Zero's side, with an excellent view (the only one I couldn't see was Tsukasa... but even people in the front row couldn't see him, because of all the fumes!), and then began a moooooooooooost fun/pleasant/great/any-positive-word concert! (before also was pleasant/funny: I had to jump on one feet sometimes, or even didn't touch the ground... but it's fine it's part of the fun, I really like/enjoy it! Only needed to breathe...)

There I was next to two Japanese girls, rather small, especially one of them... whom I knocked once with my head, because I thought I had place to do a "big" headbanguing ("in rythm" with the music!), my glasses even stayed in her hair... while her head was "at my stomach" (I'm not especially tall: she was really small): of course I apologized, and SHE asked me if I was fine... after the violent shock she received because of my head... how nice/cute! (+ today, I have two nice red marks over my eye! yeah!) These two Japanese really looked nice: even before that happened, there was some tall guy who went in front of them: when I went to this corner, I saw that there was some small people: I tried to find a place where I could see, but not hiding other's view (I'm not especially tall, once again: often have this kind of problem: try to "chek" it when I change my place in a concert, because I don't like making others suffer what I wouldn't like to suffer!), but this guy obviously didn't care: I made him a sign to move away because there were small people behind (foreign people + Japanese would never do it: I took the liberty to do it)... and indeed he straight moved, to some other place where he also had a good view: that's it move away guy, and have fun!

Another self-centered story: it was the first time I was asked to stop headbanguing, because someone could barely see because of the move of my hair........ but well, don't believe I would stop headbanguing for that: I simply placed my hair inside my shirt, so that it wouldn't move too much->hide this person's view, and that's it... Oh and it also allowed me to have place around me: I headbanguing, the two Japanese doing the typical Japanese-like audience stuff (they hesitated a little at first, not being in their country and knowing our "traditions" I believe, but once they understood that, in France, it's kind of "do your own business and have fun!", they made these so typical moves/headbanguings!), people in the front jumping and such, people in the back not moving so much but enjoying the concert: perfectly fine. Oh and someone who knew me only "in civil life" was most suprised when he saw me headbanguing so much, doing my hand-choregraphies, such, as it quite changes from my "general attitude"... yeah yeah I usually make space around me at concerts, or find fellow headbanguers to have fun with, even at Wacken Festival I was called "a real headbanguer" by Germans............. buuutttt!! I'm a nice and calm girl "in civil life"! I swear!

A funny moment was when Hizumi wanted us to sit down during Fascism: people didn't understand him at all... as I subtitle about any English (I even understood some of his Japanese! while I began learning barely 3 months ago! yay!) I understood it, but people around... really didn't get it: as I saw that no one was reacting, feared that they would take it wrong if we didn't sit,..., I sat down and "pulled" the shirt of the person who was in front of me, saying "he wants us to sit down!" [in French, of course!]: everyone around me finally understood and did the same, and so on 'til the other end of the venue... except in the front rows: people were so stuck to one another that it was impossible for them to sit down! we don't have any chair to sit down darling!
+ I really only made it because the beginning of the concert had been absolutely great: playing a song called "Fascism" in Europe... People in North Korea don't like facing anything that could remind them of the Japanese army during World War II: it's about the same with us in Europe with anything related to the IIIrd Reich / Adolf Hitler... but well, maybe I should try to find a translation of this song, you can't really say that Pierrot's Adolf or Haken Kreuz are most "nazi" songs after all... + It may only be me, but I felt like the atmosphere cooled down a little after that... maybe sitting down then standing up took people's last strength: they only tried to survive after that? Or, like me, they have a stupid "view angle function": it made me lose all the good mood of the beginning of the concert when I saw all the lights, and I needed some time to get into it again... but well, I know I'm not really normal about that...

About the band... mmh not much to say: Zero didn't move much (didn't sleep enough? always like that?), couldn't see Tsukasa because of the fumes (but definitely heard him!), Karyu seemed to have MUCH MUCH FUN!! (too bad I didn't think of going his side! next time!), and Hizumi was over-pro, a really good entertainer/front-man, definitely seemed to enjoy this concert, often smiled: it was a pleasure to see him like that! + We quite helped them "getting into the concert": people obviously knew some/most songs, raising they hands and making noise "when needed trusting the original song", and so on and so on... although Hizumi placed a little too much hope into us at the end of the concert: he tried to make us sing all of the chorus of one of the songs! Don't ask too much from us darling, we can't find so many romanisations of your songs around the net for now! Next time maybe! BECAUSE I DO HOPE YOU'LL COME BACK SOON, AFTER SUCH AUDIENCES, AS I HEARD THAT THE CONCERT IN BERLIN WAS GREAT TOO!!!!!! -they looked most happy after all: we can hope!-

Makes me think that I was most glad about the audience: As I said, I feared "screaming groupies"... but finally there weren't so many: they were all stuck in the 3-4 first rows, especially in the middle (+ especially some most boring Spanish girls, rarely saw people having such an awful attitude at concerts... Spanish heavy-metal audience is said to be the best in Europe, but I hope that their "jrock" audience is generally better than these three girls/examples we had!), the rest of the venue was filled with a large majority of men: not a groupie-like atmosphere at all: that's also why I could enjoy it so much from the side! (= didn't feel like running to the front in order to yell a giant "SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!") But there's one thing I didn't understand: while everyone moved/yelled a lot during songs... very few people made noise between songs... and only girls (who REALLY were a minority: couldn't make so much noise)... I heard people in my back laughing at it a little... but if they found it stupid, why didn't they make noise?!?!? People are too complicated for me sometimes... I tried to begin some things once in a while, but no one (or very few people) "followed me"... I will try to know about that, because it's really weird: guys often laugh at "screaming groupies" at concerts, and say they would do anything to stop hearing these noises... but, if so, why don't you make noise at concerts, in order to prevent them from yelling stupidly / covering their noises, especially when you represent at least 70% of the audience?!?

Anyway anyway... In the end, it was an awesome concert, it had been a long time I didn't enjoy a concert that much: excellent music, excellent band, good audience (...really regret that men didn't try to make themselves hear between songs, any time + very few girls were in mood for being loud between songs -> there was so little "sound" between songs! Honestly, I even feared that we wouldn't have any "bis"! But, fortunately, they came back!), I was in mood for doing stupid hand-choregraphies, which I only do when I'm really into a concert/music, my neck did a lot of exercise, my voice is completely "broken" today, and so on and so on: really, definitely loved it! I also regret that these two Japanese were not the ones next to us while we were waiting outside, instead of these 2-3 who were so boring: they really were most nice, definitely the kind of person I would have tried to talk to, even for a few minutes, just to say "oh! nice you came from such a long way!"... although they were a little old (...contrary to the 2-3 others: real fans, not groupies absolutely trying to get the front "becauuuuuuse I want to touch hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim"?): you never know if they will understand you / be able to answer: never really easy... They really looked nice anyway, and same thing for the few other Japanese who were behind them, although they "participated" far less!

(...and of course I regret that no promotion was made on metal-related medias: it most most definitely was a concert metalheads could/would have enjoyed... but "promotion among visual medias is enough", of course, new audience will come like by magic! I've seen so many far worst bands playing at La Loco (capacity of about 800 persons)... but, of course, a REAL promotion had been made for these bands, eh!)

Sorry it was so long, but I've never been able to write short reviews, especially when I just come back from a concert... I hope you enjoyed this review anyway! BECAUSE I DID ENJOY THIS CONCERT! SIR YES SIR! (-sorry for potential mistakes, but my brain is kind of out-of-service for now!)


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