Sonata at La Loco: a weird (/disappointing?) concert...


(-I didn't feel like re-translating all of the French review: what follows are only the very first impressions I had when I went back home, and wrote on my live-journal, meaning most late, meaning awful mistakes to expect! All my apologies if you find it hard to read!)

This concert actually was weird: Everybody cheered the opening band (Innervision, where Rhapsody's regular bassist, Patrice Guers, and stage guitarist, Dominique Leurquin, play), and most honestly they deserved it. But... when Sonata played, there wasn't the "electricity" that could have been expected when we saw how Innervision was cheered! The audience was loud during some songs, like Replica of course, but that's all... As for me, I can say that the sound far too bad for me to "get into" the concert: we barely heard the singer (who seemed to have an excellent voice this night... but we couldn't enjoy it!), and didn't hear the keyboards at all... while they have their importance in Sonata's music. But I know that the sound is very different depending on where you are in the venue you are, so... I don't know if it is also true for other people in the audience.

(+Some awful girl prevented me from really fully enjoying the concert, I had already "noticed" her because I felt someone jumping with his arm going up and down right in the middle of my back: typical from someone who wants to make you leave your place because "eeeew I'm huuuurt! I prefer leaving!": sorry for her, but 1) I'm most used of metal-concerts 2) I need far more to feel painful!: When Innervision played, there were some slammers: one had problems to stand back up: I turned for a second to help him stand again, which is quite normal: I usually get my place back without any single problem... but this girl saw an "overture" and ran to it: fortunately, I knew the guy next to me, who was far taller than me: he let me take his place and went behind me, from where he had an excellent view. But I hated this situation first because it prevented me from staying next to some fellow-metalheads with who I'm used to enjoy concerts once in a while (when they come to Paris: they are from Bordeaux and other towns in Southern France), second because I hate seeing such a lack of respect at concerts. I especially loved when she told me: "hey! it's a metal concert, you shouldn't have come if you aren't happy!": you're kind sweet little darling, but I began going to metal-concerts four years ago, and did a lot ever since, while you look quite young... I also "loved" when she began jumping... yeah yeah sure "a jumper" is going to teach me how things go at heavy-metal concerts! (in Europe, we BANG OUR HEADS at concerts, we don't jump!) Fortunately, she quickly noticed that she was the only one around to jump, and that she seemed to bother everyone: she tried to jump once in a while... but quickly stopped. She even seemed to not enjoy the concert so much, because it was hot/people were pushing! oh how sad sweet little darling!)

+ When I went back home, I had the pleasure:
1) to have someone try to chat on me in the subway... but at least he was a metal-head!
2) to see some most stupid comment on a mailing-list about visual music/jrock: someone who says (to sum up) "metalheads have nothing to do at visual concerts"... talking of Despairs Ray concert... Hey darling, what was I doing there then? And didn't you ever notice that D'espairs is quite close to metal-music? And can't you understand that "black-metalheads" aren't "heavy-metalheads"? Not even talking of the awful attitude some visu-fans had during this concert: they definitely should take lessons from metalheads? And, most important, that AS LONG AS SOMEONE LIKES THE MUSIC HE MAY GO TO WHATEVER CONCERT HE WANTS?!?

Anyway... I need some sleep! and feel like I'm gonna have some colored legs tomorrow, as the stage was too high for me to use my arms to "compensate" the pressure of people behind, as I usually do: I had to use my legs this time, and I already feel some nice "doms" where I used them on the barriers! + have the pleasure of (already) admiring some nice red-colored "points" here and there... who's gonna have some really nice bruses tomorrow? I bet on Polo-chan! And I have a concert of Saxon on Sunday! And I'm glad!

Therefore, if you allow me one final scream: LONG LIVE HEAVY-METAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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