Some concert reviews


Here are some concert reviews, among those I send to various mls, or very few I only wrote on this website... although really very few: I need a lot of time to write so much: I cant' do it everytime! They are exactly the same reviews, meaning awfuly long, I only tried to correct some spelling mistakes. They are chronogicaly ordered: ordering by band would be far too complicated if I ordered "by band", especialy when you consider that I (sometimes) happen to go to concerts mainly/only because of the opening act(s)!
Fortunately, for now, the English list is very short (... I try to translate all the French ones when I have time... but it' s really rare!). If you understand little French and would like to have a look at the French versions, here's where you can read them: French concert reviews (but you're warned: they're AWFULLY long!)

04/05/2005: Pierrot near Tokyo (Saitama Arena)
03/05/2005: Pierrot near Tokoy (Saitama Arena)
30/04/2005: Pierrot in Tokyo (Shibuya Koukaido)
02/11/2004: Sonata Arctica in Paris
31/10/2004: D'espairs Ray in Paris
21/04/2004: Edguy in Paris


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