Not so well known bands




Here I will tell you about bands or musicians that don't have much success, but would deserve to have far more success! In fact, for a few weeks, I have been thinking about writing cd reviews... but why writting reviews of albums you could find anywhere, isn't it more interesting to let you know about some bands you probably don't know much about? I could have written about Blind Guardian, Dark Tranquility, Angra, Maiden, Dream Theater, and so on... but you will find reviews of their albums anywhere on the net, so priority goes to bands that should be as known as these "more famous" bands!

Generaly, I will "quickly" tell you about the history of the band, its discography, and some links to websites where I got most info I used to make these pages. When it will be a band which cds you cannot really find in France (or such countries), because they are not distributed in our countries or any other reason, I will also add 2 or 3 mp3 an album, because it would useless to make you interested in a band: you buy import cds... and finaly don't like them! In a local shop you can listen to the cd before buying after all.

I will begin with only one band, but writting such pages needs time, so... I will try my best to let you know about other bands soon!:
X Japan (and run there if you like rock / hard rock / metal!)

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