Operation: Pierrot!

(I posted this message in different communities: Sorry if you read it for the ...th time, but I want to reach as many people as possible! I want Pierrot to -KNOW- they -DO- have fans worldwide, therefore need to "reach" as many people as possible!)


I'm trying to think of something I could place in the so famous "before concert"-boxes... and thought of a "foreign fans listing", that would be introduced by a few lines like: "You thought you had fans only in Japan? Well... you -lost-! Examples:...".

For that, I would need as many people as possible to send me a mail with their (1) country, (2) name (real or nickname or both),(3) and maybe a VERY short text, like 2-3 lines, if you want to say anything they could happen to read (/understand is another problem). Anyway: short, I don't want it to be a fan-book, only a fan-listing, there's no time for doing a fan-book, and people aren't always inspired for a fan-book (I know I'm -never- inspired for fan-books: when I begin to write, I always write far too long texts... you probably noticed it!).

I'm not sure I will do it, it will depend on the number of answers I receive: for example, if I receive 5 answers, I won't do it for such a little "listing", eh. But it could be a nice idea. Therefore, I would need you to spread the word to other communities you may know about. I also think of "crediting" the different communities I would have finally needed for doing this "fan-listing": if you do spread the word on some other community, please tell me / ask the people who would like to answer to add in their mail on what website they read about my idea.

Oh and please don't directly answer this mail, I don't always receive emails sent to my Caramail address: spolochon @ free.fr would be better. Maybe I should send a confirmation to people who answer this mail?

I will see the success / non-success this email meets within 2 weeks or so, and then take a decision about what I do... I know I'm short on time here, and Pierrot does have fans but not so many in the end!

(To give you an idea about what I intend to do, it should look like:
-Countries: listed in alphabetical order
-People: by country, listed in alphabetical order
-Comment: optional, if there's one added, if too long not added. If too long / fan-girlish: I will send the person an email to ask him/her to change it, if I don't get any answer after: not added)

The e-mail to use, once again: spolochon @ free.fr

Please DO participate people!
It's short and quick to make, it's not a fan-book!


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