Fool's Mate n°299
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Buck Tick:

...When old bands give a lesson of "smart yet refinitely visual"-images!
(Yes smoking is bad, but considering the image it creates here I'll make an exception and won't call firemen!)


D'espairs Ray:

There were more photos, but so-so, while these ones are really nice: no use wasting a good image just "to scan everything"!
Oh and if you wanna have fun: you can guess "whose photos were shot first" with the position of the sun! Yeah you do have time to lose with this!


My friends, this is what I call a heavy-metal festival!
Just see(/admire) the bands list!
Though I will always say that Dragon Force absolutely doesn't deserve all the success they're getting, but well... they have god promotors, good for them, too bad for all the others (even when faaar better) who don't, and that's it.



Kiyoharu's photo-session tend to always look the same, but usually live photos of him = really nice! Like here!


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