Fool's Mate n°303
(- Alvino)

How to leave an original band to form a most usual band... follow Jun's example!

With everyone looking gloomy, wearing casual clothes...

Oooh and Jun is a mean and bad guy, oooh yeah! Everyone fears this daaaark look...

A singer looking like... nothing special, this guy's too simple to look like anything negative I guess!

And another guitarist, looking dark/gloomy... and angry, I mean with a mean face.

Anyway: Alvino looking "usual" is ok, it's undoubtebly what Jun was looking for after all. Same for Koji, who never changed his style in La'Cryma Christi. -But- band members looking upset/pissed/angry, for an official photo-session, maybe the very first of their career... sorry to say that, but to me this is a lack of respect to us, the public!
Looking mean/upset doesn't make anyone look -coooool-, quite the contrary actually, up to me at least.

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