For a few months, my "I LOVE X JAPAAAAAAAANNNN!" turned to a more genral "I LOVE JROOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!": I decided to make a page where I would tell you about jrock, stands for "Japanese rock!" (and no jPOP!) bands/musicians I like, as I find out about them (I'm quite new into Jrock after all!). Let me advise you that I will speak about nothing but MUSIC, I' m not going to bother trying to know about each band/musician's biography, I may tell a few words about "most important points", but no more. Same thing for photos (most jrock band are "visual" bands after all!): most important remains music: you will find nothing but comments about music here (with maybe some exceptions because of some giant laugh/joke I had seeing a photo, but we'll see...). Still, you will often find links to sites about these bands/musicians, where you will find looooots of photos!

So here's a list of jrock bands/musicians I like for now (and note that I said "I like" + "for now": I'm still discovering bands!):

(X Japan, there are already some pages on this site about this GREAT band!)
Dir en Grey
Janne da Arc renewed
Kuroyume / Sads
Luna Sea renewed
Pierrot renewed
Sex Machineguns
Siam Shade renewed

As I won't change that easily: here is a gallery of "South park Jrockers"! I unfortunately lost the address of the website where I made them, but trust me I will find it soon...

As usual I like "breaking the rules" of my site, so here is another exception: there won't be any "photo gallery" for any band, BUT I will regularly scan photos from magazines I buy in my lovely town of Paris. Here's the list of these magazines (there isn't much for now, but with time... there will be more!)

And as you are very nice people, you will go to cdjapan to buy cds of bands you like, even on the site of j-xyz to buy goodies of bands that really inspire you! (yes I believe they sell only "official" goodies on this site, I never saw anything "not official" there anyway)

I also thank the site of the Bluesky Complex, where you will find essential information about most of the most important j-rock bands. I you search a bit you may even find some way to get videos or mp3s of these bands. If you are patient also, at least most of the time...

For any comment / if you need any more information, don't hesitate to write me an email!



(if you want to write me some message, you may email me at: spolochon1 @ caramail.com)