I don't read as much as I would like (no time!), but I try to read a little. Most of the time, I read philosophical or science-fiction / fantasy books. Still, reading a book is one thing, another problem is to remember what really makes it interesting, in details I mean, not only some old rememories: making some "reading notes" ["fiches de lectures" in French, I try to translate it the best way I can!] is the best way to make we have some trace of it! And, as I have to begin somewhere, the first book will be one I ended to read some days ago, others will come later, either books I read a long time ago but I consider as important for some reason, or some book I just read and I would like to share my opinions about it, good or bad!

Robert Silverberg: The man in the Maze, 1969 (French version: J' ai lu, translation by Michel Rivelin, 2003 version)


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