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First of all, thanks to the girls of CLAMP for their unintentional but very kind collaboration: I'm not an especialy good drawer, especialy if I have to use a mouse/keyboard instead of pencils, so I would be an awful webdesigner. Then... why not using draws of people who are quite gifted for that? And here come these draws by Clamp, especialy from their manga RG Veda and X, and the art book X-Zero (as above)!

Oh well you may have noticed there is one exception: of course the baby on the very first page may not be a drawing/painting by Clamp or anyone else... yes indeed congratulations! In fact this is a picture at Christmas 1981, and as you can see I was a very sad baby...

Well what about the topic of this site, what you will find here... well I would say it' s quite an egocentric site, as it will be about myself, what I like, my life to sum up! Still, there are some parts of the French version I won't be able to... include here. For example the "Law" part (as I study the Law at University)... how interesting could it be for a foreigner? (or an Alien as Sting would say... ahem sorry) So here are the few parts I had time to translate, some others will follow (but not all parts):


Journeys around the World (more pages in French, but you'll see the photos too!)

I, myself... and my cat! (who died in July 2002 by the way...)


01/01/2007: Another awfully long break, all my apologies once again... Anyway: here are scans from Fool's Mate n°300 (January 2007).

29/09/2006: woooh my, it's been so long I abandonned this website... Really sorry, but I've been over-busy... Anyway! I hope this will be a real come-back, which begins with scans from Fool's Mate n°298, 299 and 300 (meaning August, September and October editions). Hopefuly, a review of Wacken festival (with photos and such) should come soon...

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