I only had time to scan some photos right now. There are also some concert-reviews in the French version, but well let's say they are quite long, and I don't have time to translate them right now. There should be some other pages soon, only limited by my imaginations, which well... does not have much limits, I would say! Just be patient...

Some album reviews, from the album or mp3s, depending on my time/money at the time...

Just began to translate some concert reviews... but there are very few for now!

+I try to list all of my videos and albums/mp3s: video list / mp3s list... but it' s really long, so it' s far from being "up to date", but I will try to update it as often as I can!

I also decided to make some pages about bands/musicians that doesn't (or didn't) get the success they deserve(d): advertising rules!

Here we go for my new love in the music world: J-rock rules!

A new section: the "video of the month"! e.g. a video to which I added subtitles, kind of a "fansub" in a way... except that I don't "write" what is said in the video, only stupid comments to what you see in the video! Follow the link to learn more... (oh and these videos will probably be mainly jrock videos, although not only, for example I'm planning to do it for an Angra video... but later...)

Didn't have time to translate the links page either, but if you understand little french you should manage to do something with it.


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