Pierrot - Dictators Circus VI
- In studio and stuff
/part I


(I made these scans because I had some free time, I will probably scan other photos from this photobook, or other ones, not necesseraly about Pierrot, but anyway: I will scan when I have time / feel like it: I quite doubt it will be as often as the magazines scans: definitely don't expect monthly updates!
+I scanned a lot of the photos that are in the first part of the photobook here, BUT! it' s only because I like most of them: I definitely won't scan so many of the next parts of the photobook, my aim is not to scan everything after all, only to share photos I like a lot. If you really like these photos and would like to see others, go buy the photobook! Finding online shops or "shops in big towns" ready to mail orders is not -that- difficult after all. If you really can't find any I'll give you the name and adress of French shops in Paris that do that if you want... if you're ready to pay the shipping fees twice! (Japan - Paris - your home) )

...admire those hands...gah...gaaaaaaahhh..........

*can't stop staring at hands!*

(sometimes, Kirito really should learn how to stand...)

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