(when a month is not underlined, it means that only the "title page" is left on my webpage: there is the cover, list of the bands whose photos I scanned, and such general information: my account isn't unlimited and I want to keep some space for other parts of this site. If you want some of these "not online anymore" scans, you can email me and I will try to send you these as soon as possible!)
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(If you read this page, you're probably interested in Pierrot and post-Angelo bands too (or I complain you, 'cause I speak of them A LOT!), so: I made my own Pierrot and post-Pierrot bands site, called Dramatic Believers, and related to a forum, topics related to other jrock or non-jrock (...still rock!) bands are welcome. I began these a long long time ago, but forgot to speak about them here, stupidly... now it's down!

And of course, if you use my scans on your own website or whatever, please credit me / my site, thanks!

January 2007: Fool's Mate (n° 303) new
October 2006
: Fool's Mate (n°300)
September 2006
: Fool's Mate (n° 299)
August 2006: Fool's Mate (n°298)
(to be completed when I have time)
January 2006
: UV (n°121)
October 2005
: Fool's Mate (n°288)
September 2005: Fool's Mate (n°287) / UV (n°117)
August 2005
: Fool's Mate (n°286)
July 2005: Fool's Mate (n°285) / UV (n°115)
June 2005: Fool's Mate (n°284) / UV (n°114)
May 2005
: Fool's Mate (n°283)
April 2005
: Fool's Mate (n°282)
March 2005
: Fool's Mate (n°281) / UV (n°111)
February 2005: Fool's Mate (n°280) / UV (n°110)
January 2005: Fool's Mate (n°279)
December 2004: Fool's Mate (n°278)
November 2004: Fool's Mate (n°277)
October 2004: Fool's Mate (n°276) [yep, no n°275: didn't like it, therefore didn't buy it!]
August 2004: Fool's Mate (n°274) / UV (n°104)
July 2004: Fool's Mate (n°273)
June 2004: Attack to the Freedom photobook (didn't like magazines of this month so much... therefore only bought this photobook of Pierrot!)
May 2004: Fool's Mate (n°271) / UV (n°100)
...December 2001: Fool's Mate (n° 242) (didn't like new FM so much, and I'm waiting for UV n°100, so, until then...)
+To make myself apologize, I made a few scans from (Pierrot's) Dictators Circus VI Photobook! (really a few + of the very beginning of the magazine... but well, that's already something); directly go to part 2 / part 3
March 2004: Fool's Mate (n°269)
February 2004: Fool's Mate (n° 268)
January 2004: Fool's Mate (n° 267) / UV (n° 97) / Arena Act 1
December 2003: Fool's Mate (n°266)
November 2003: Fool's Mate (n°265)
October 2003: Fool's Mate (n°264)
September 2003: Shoxx (n°127) / Fool's Mate (n°263) / UV (n°93)
August 2003: Shoxx (n°126) / Fool's mate (n°262)
July 2003: Shoxx (n°125) / Fool's Mate (n°261)

Attack to the Freedom photobook
Dictators Circus VI Photobook
! (really a few + of the very beginning of the magazine... but well, that's already something)
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