- Attack to the Freedom photobook

I went to the shop where I usualy buy magazines/photobooks the other day... and thought magazines were not so interesting this month... while this photobook was trying to get my intention! (ok ok, anything with "Pierrot" written on it gets my attention, I admit...): didn't buy any magazine, bu bought this photobook!
Like previous time, I don't intend to scan -everything-: I made these scans because I had some free time, but my aim is not to scan everything, only to share photos I like a lot: don't bother me if there isn't "everything". If you really like these photos and would like to see others, go buy the photobook!
I divided these photos in two parts: "backstage" photos and "live" photos. Still, they are numbered as they appear in the photobook, if you want to save them and see them "in order". I first upload backstage photos, there are a lot of photos after all!, and I know people often tend to scan live photos more than backstage photos: I will upload live photos later, probably in some other "not-so-interesting-magazines" month.
Unlike usual, I added some "logo" on the photos: it' s awful, which is normal for something I did in 1mn chrono, but I spent A LOT of time correctly scanning these photos, and this photobook cost me some money (not -awfully- expensive, but still): I don't want people to "steal" my scans. But I also hate when logos are in "strategic" places and don't allow you to really appreciate a photo: I tried to make a small one, and always place it in some funny / not-what-you-see-at-first-sight corner, because the aim is more for me to recognize my scans than for people to immediatly go "oooooh this was made by someone called Polochon!", which I absolutely don't care about.

Here we go:
Backstage photos (part 2 / part 3 / part 4)
Live photos

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