Fool's Mate n°286


*pats pats Kirito-san*
My, my, dear boy, are you so proud of this "blood point" in your eye that you show it even on magazines covers now?
(Oh and I had a look to my old Pierrot photos some days ago, for fun... and this "blood point" actually is very old! Ahlalala poor boy, it's a little like Kirito wouldn't be really Kirito anymore without that little red thing in his eyes now, it's been soooo long he's had it!)

Anyway, we have a busy month:

Kirito (part II)
Janne da Arc (Yasu only)
Nightmare ( member only, don't know his name)
La'Cryma Christi

various bands (Sid, some Psycho le Cemu solo acts, Everlasting-K concerts, The Flare, Alice Nine, D, and some others...)

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