Fool's Mate n°277

And here is a good representation of "priorities" in Pierrot: Special treatment for Kirito (so much photoshop or I don't know what on his face that you could think it's plastic!), some treatment for Aiji (yes less... but at least he doesn't like he's made of platic!), some treatment for Jun? baaah he looks childish either way so..., AND! no treatment at all for the two guys in the back, or very very few treatment... who care about them after all! I don't know if it will be most obvious on your computers, but really, trust me, on the magazine itself, it is MOST obvious! Aaaaahlalala poor Kohta and Takeo... *gives a comfort hug!*

Anyway, last month I didn't have a lot of interesting photos to scan... this month I have a lot! Enjoy!:

Buck Tick
Several bands at Kingdom Rock Show (Janne da Arc, Psycho, Sex Machineguns, La'Cryma,...)

some others (photos of Like an Edison concert (D, Despairs, Vidoll), La'Cryma, Kagrra, some fan-arts, and others...)

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