- Temple of Shadows


Note: 8,5/10, because... of a lot of details. And definitely a too "clean" sound + far too much neo-classic use (+ not at best moments).

I'm disappointed by this album. Problem: I can't exactly explain why... First of all there's this too "clean" sound + too much classical-like arrangements, not necesserally when they were most needed = lack of heavyness (looks like they used twice arrangements than needed, a little like saying "we don't need Andre Matos and his classical formation to make it!": well I don't doubt of it guys, but please use them -when needed-! It's especially obvious on the very last song, Gate XIII, an instrumental: classical-like, but lack of emotions or "point"...). + Edu (Falaschi) trying to sound like Andre Matos far too often: his own voice is excellent, so what's the point in trying to imitate Angra's former singer?!?
All in all it makes me feel like Angra is going backwards, somewhere between Angels Cry and Holy Land: yes they were excellent albums... but I would prefer them to go forward! There are a lot of arrangements, musicians definitely are excellent, technically it's an excellent album... but where's the feeling in all of that? Although I admit I prefer / really like the second half of the album, where they obviously spent more time on composition than on arrangements, compared to the first half (I love No pain for the dead or Winds of Destination (although it would be better if simplified I think...), for example). Still, in the end, there's no "exceptionnally great" song, only a lot of good songs... it would be enough for a lot of bands, but not for Angra, damn it!

But I have to say I loved this album when I listened to it without my earphones: I didn't hear the "little details" that made me be upset about it anymore, or at least I heard them far less. And it was really excellent this way! Heavy, using different styles, extremely well composed,...: excellent. Problem: I don't like listening to music without earphones, because I live in a quiet place and don't want to make it noisy / encourage my neighbours to make it noisy... So I have the choice: either I listen to it (loud) with earphones (and get upset), or (far less loud) without earphones (and love it!): I don't like having to make this kind of choice...

(+The first press of the French edition is sold with the Rebirth Tour dvd: at the time it was released in Brazil and some other countries (I believe that only Italy sold it in Europe), their French label refused to sell it because they said the quality wasn't good enough for selling it for 30 euros or so: Yes there are some sound-problems here or there, but this dvd still is GREAT! The bonuses are so-so, but well, we won't complain for the bonuses of the bonus, it would be quite stupid! + 18 euros for both an album and a dvd, I don't consider I was stollen!)


01- Deus le Volt
02- Spread your Fire
03- Angels and Demons
04- Waiting, Silence
05- Wishing Well
06- The temple of hate
07- The shadow hunter
08- No pain for the dead
09- Winds of Destination
10- Sprouts of time
11- Morning Star
12-Late Redemption
13-Gate XIII


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