- Riot on the Grill



Note: 7/10, because disappointed I am.

Ellegarden played punk-rock songs with some serious/metal accents on some songs... which they forgot on the way when they recorded this album, making it a little disappointing for me: It's only "good", while their previous albums were "excellent". It's too calm I think, too poppy-like, it doesn't suddenly "BOOST AND HERE WE GO!!!" + there were always two or three darker songs to "balance" the rest of the album on their pre vious albums... but not here! Conclusion: they did better, and most of all I expected far more from them: slightly disappointed I am.
It's not "bad", but... but! A few songs are still "over the top", reaching the level of the average songs on their previous albums, like Marry me or of course missing, it's only that... too bad that, for once, really good songs are the minority!


01- Red Hot
02- Monster
03- Snake Fighting
04- Marry me
05- Missing
06- Bored of everything
07- TV Maniacs
8- Niji
9- I hate it
10- BBQ Riot Song

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