Luna Sea
- Mother



Note: 9,5/10, because there is no perfection... but you get very close from it sometimes.

I don't really know if I have to be happy or not that I found this album in Japan: an album of such a quality (and new) for 600 yens... your purse definitely enjoys it, but somehow you feel sad for the band!
But well, I doubt Luna Sea members need these little extra yens to live, so let's speak of Mother:

To be honest, I already knew this album before I bought it, thanks to this "not so legal mean we all use... because we don't really have a choice"! So I already knew/thought that this album probably was one of the best Luna Sea albums, if not -the- best, in my humble opinion at least: they still play inventive music, relatively dark (contrary to what they will do in their last albums for both of these two points), and the sound is excellent (contrary to their first albums for this third point). So, seeing this album at such a price, I thought it would be a good occasion for confirming (or not) this first impression!
And in the end... it is more than confirmed! No song is below the level of any other, they're all very different with their own melodies and rythms that immediatly stick to your brain, in a rather dark/at least heavy atmosphere... Add an excellent sound on top of that, that emphasises this or that instrument at this or that moment depending on what feeling they wanted to stress on: you really feel like every detail of the album was worked upon. And I like it! This album was released in 1994, but really doesn't sound like a more than 10 years old album: if it were released today, I'm sure everyone would praise it, because of the quality of the compositions and of the sound. Up to me, it's one of these (very) few albums any visual-kei/jrock/general rock fan -has- to possess, really!



01- Loveless
02- Rosier
03- Face to Face
04- Civilize
05- Genesis of Mind
06- Aurora
07- In Future
08- Fake
09- True Blue
10- Mother

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