- Symphony of enchanted Lands - part II


Note: 7/10, because disappointed I am: a theme of "Symphony of enchanted Lands part II" doesn't mean that you have to re-use the same kind of melodies/evolution... like a (musical) re-make of Symphony of enchanted Lands part I...

Disappointed I am...
Symphony of enchanted Lands is a GREAT album, this is for sure. But why repeating it? When I first listened to this album I had two thoughts:
1) nearly all songs sound like one another (musically or "in atmosphere")
2) 80% of the album reminds me of melodies already heard in Symphony... (part I)
Conclusion: far too many common points with this or that to make a good album...
Or, if you don't know Rhapsody yet / don't know classical music so well, you will probably like this album. But if you already know one of both / both quite well... you will probably find this album kind of boring, like I do... And, most honestly, I don't think that Christopher Lee's speeches bring a lot to the album... he "does too much", far too much: it sounds "cliche" in the end. Even Fabio Lione sometimes "does his job", but doesn't sound like he's most into what he sings, and again "cliche" it sounds... (some lyrics are most "cliche" after all!) But he's using new ways to use his voice, proving once again that he's definitely one of the best metal-singers in activity.

I loved Rhapsody on their two first albums because of the different old musical influences, medieval or classical, and because of the "heavy-ness" of their songs, which I couldn't find it so much anymore until The Power of the Dragonflame (their previous album): this album made me hope again. But, here, they go again into most "cliche" / mainly baroque music, with the same kind of musical references... and I'm bored with it... There are some really good parts / things they didn't do before, but in the middle of so many things they already did soooo many times... Still, I cannot say it's "bad", only that I already heard most of this album a few times before...

But! There's one exceptionnal song: it is so great it makes me forget any regret for having bought this album: Guardiani del Destino! Once again, the music reminds me of some musical piece (recently used by "Le Cirque du Soleil" I believe? not sure...), but one of a kind Rhapsody uses far less often, the "middle-ages break" is excellent, the construction (or "deconstruction") of the song is absolutely great, Fabio is excellent in it, arrangements are excellent, the music has this kind of "strength" you find only in exceptionnally great songs: really really definitely a great song! Try the album, would it be only for this song!

(+once again, these are comments from someone who's played classical music for years + has been a fan of Rhapsody since their very first album: if you're discovering them, you'll probably like/love this album!)



01- The dark Secret (Ira Divana)
02- Unholy Warcry
03- Never forgotten Heroes
04- Elgard's green Valleys
05- The magic of the wizard's dream
06- Erian's Mystical Rhymes (The white dragon's order)
07- The last Angel's call
08- Dragonland's Rivers
09- Sacred Power of Raging Winds
10- Guardiani del Destino
11- Shadows of Death
12- Nightfall on the grey Mountains


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