Silent Force
- Worlds apart


Note: 8,5/10, because it still misses some "details" to make it exceptionnal

Like many people I believe, I tried to listen to Silent Force because DC Cooper is their singer: he's the previous Royal Hunt singer, and most importantly one of the best actual singers, in heavy-metal or not. I didn't like their previous albums so much because you could hear that compositions were great... but the sound made them so boring! Fortunately, I was proved that these songs indeed were GREAT every time I went see them live.

This album is... kind of about September 11th, 2001 events (DC is American after all), but not too "cliche", in a way or another (all other members of the band are German after all!): fine. Musically, it's heavy, dark, very well composed, slightly Priest-like sometimes (they always play a cover of Judas Priest at their concerts after all!), always complex enough to make it interesting to hear (but not too much or it would be boring), EXCELLENT sound that makes you want to bang your head all of the album long,... Some songs are less good... but in general it's really excellent! They still have to improve some details here or there... but they're definitely going the good way! I definitely long to hear these songs live: I know what they did with previous albums: with this one it should be... *WAH!*


01- Ride the Storm
02- No one lives forever
03- Hold on
04- Once again
05- Master of my Destiny
06- Heroes
07- Death comes in Disguise
08- Merry Minstrel
09- Spread your Wings
10- Iron Hand
11- Heart Attack
12- Worlds apart


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