Sonata Arctica
- Reckoning Night


Note: 8/10, because when it comes to a 4th album, I begin to expect a lot!

This album is going the way Winterhearts Guild went, with powerful/heavy/catchy melodies, but somehow darker that what they did when they began: love it. But... I don't know, some melodies are "too easy", or arrangements, or "too perfect sound", or... it misses "a little somthing". And while there are some really excellent songs (at least Blinded no more, Wildfire, and Shamandalie), there are some that aren't so interesting, like Ain't you fairytale (not bad... simply (too) basic!), or you can hear they didn't/couldn't get as far as they wanted to go, like with The boy who wanted a real Puppet (could have interested, especially thanks to its lyrics, and details in the melody, but... it misses a little something... it's only a matter of sound/production/a little note here or there, but it's enough to make it go one level below!). And well that's it... I would absolutely praise this album if it was a first or second album, but it's their fourth! It's far from bad, don't take me wrong, but I had absolutely loved Winterhearts..., therefore I'm a little disappointed to hear -only- a -simply good- album!

(-oh and still I have to thank them for a few laughs:
1) having a reason for having fun when saying "Pacta sunt servanda", thanks to Don't say a word (I'm a student in Law: usually, when I have to use this sentence, it's not for fun at all!)
2) When I read "Would you let me be your Endymion?" in My Selene, I couldn't help bursting into laughing (sorry guys...): "Endymion"... as in mythology... or as in Sailor Moon (eh!) + When I read that Jani wrote this song and its lyrics... MWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I'm SURE it comes from Sailor Moon! Jani making a mythological reference, not "geek-like" (or at least to animation)? Yeah yeah that's it, let me laugh!)


01- Misplaced
02- Blinded no more
03- Ain't your Fairytale
04- Reckoning day, reckoning night...
05- Don't say a word
06- The boy who wanted to be a real puppet
07- My Selene
08- Wildfire
09- White pearl, black oceans...
10- Shamandalie


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