- Poetry

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Note: 8/10, because it's good... but weird!

First, a warning: this album has NO common point with what he did with Sads or Kuroyume: it' s jazzy, bluesy, experimental sometimes, but nothing like the punk-atmosphere of Sads or last albums of Kuroyume, the pop/rock of the "middle-era" of Kuroyume, or the doom-like of when Kuroyume began... it' s barely rock actualy, so you see. But I like it. Some don't because "always the same", but I disagree. But of course it' s calm, very calm. Still, it' s not the kind of music I would say you play when your parents come home, because it really is experimental sometimes. And I like it. Not an absolute-must-have album, but I like it. But it's weird. So I'm afraid all I can say is "try it... and you'll see!". Especialy as Kiyoharu often begins some interesting things that could have made great songs... but stops his try too early! and it can become rather frustrating after a while... of course he always did it, but you care far less about such things when it's most simple punk-like music like or whatever! So, really, try, you'll see...



01- yuiitsu tooku e
02- kurai kuchizuke
03- yami
04- 2gatsu
05- Melancholy
06- Aurora (album version)
07- taihai gallery
08- Emily (album version)
09- ano jishi wo utatte
10- Perfume
11- Revolver
12- hikou fune

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