- ren ai

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Note: 8,5/10... because it's difficult to give 9/10 to a very first album, but they would really deserve it!

Great Lord it had been a long time we had not had the pleasure to enjoy such a good very first album!

First good surprise when you begin to listen to the album: good sound (which is usual with Japanese bands), and musicians are good! and the singer sings well/in key! proving I should never lose hope!

Second very positive point: songs are good, very good, not repetitive at all, well played, good interpretation,... They're not specially violent or anything, they "only" play good rock songs, with what's needed of weird structures and different types of songs for it to sound like (good) jrock/visu, and that's all we ask in the end! And not repetitive songs! And even guitar-solos! Well played! (well ok, not by a future guitar-heroe, but at least they're well played/composed, that's already a lot!) All you need to believe in life/music/new bands again in the end (bis)!

Negative point(s): er... don't know? we want more? No really, this album is excellent, even if it was a 3rd or 4th album I would say I would love it: even more for a first album! Maybe a little simple sometimes, but 90% of the album is so good that we're not gonna complain for the remaining 10%! A little happy maybe too, but well... unless you're most/only into darkest atmospheres, I doubt it should be a big problem for you.

As for recommending some songs... all of them? Aijisai is a very classic rock song but really well made, Rinjin is very funny with its slightly jazzy atmosphere (I said "slightly"!), watashi wa Ame is a very good ballad, Ao because I love its evolution, Hitsuyouaku for its really "weird/this guy's insane" atmosphere, and so on... Some songs may be a little under the level of the others, but all in all it really is very very very good.

To conclude: A band to remember and follow, definitely. And you can run to this album, quality guaranteed! (+We want more bands able to do a first album of this quality!)



01- ajisai
02- rinjin
03- watashi wa ame
04- Virtual bansankai
05- ao
06- doyoubi no onna
07- hitsuyouaku
08- akagami shafoo
09- mousou nikki
10- owakare no uta
11- kara no binsen, sora he no tegami enta

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