Pierrot - Wallpapers
(part I)

All right, ladies and gentlemen! My exams ended today... my brain is kind of screaming a giant "STOOOOP!!"... and this stupid idea came to me: hey! I need a break... you don't have to "think" to make wallpapers, do you? and why not of Pierrot, my "current luby"?

So here is the result of a long quest for interesting photos / cutting them... I hope you will like it!
(warning: as I need "1024/768" wallpapers on my screen, all of them are of these size, but if you would like me to "resize" one, don't hesitate to ask me: it' s very easy and quick to do)
(note1: when I added colors to "complete" the wallpaper, I tried to find colors that "suit" the image... at least trusting my screen... which is not so good... same thing for the quality of the images, but most of the time I see them in far worse quality than you do, so if it' s ok on my screen, it should be on yours!
note2: sorry for the little "http://perso.wanadoo.fr/polochon" on every wallpaper, but I spent time doing them: I don't want people to steal them. But as I hate this kind of hings myself, I tried to make them them, and use colors so that they "melt" the image!
note3: if you feel like my "Pierrot-mania" kind of turned into a "Kirito-mania" lately... I really don't see what makes you think so! Really! ...I hope I look sincere?)

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(Thanks to the following sites, as either I used my own scans, or I used photos I found on these websites:
Creatures (Russian... but GREAT galleries! and very complete links-page)
Pierrot HQ
FNT (+ nice fanart, not only of Pierrot, if you like this kind of things)
Paper Cut Marionettes (who is going to close her site soon... sad! I really liked it!)

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