Fool's Mate n°269

Some nice photos this month, but no mood for stupid comments (...Kirito really looks bad...): simple scans rule!
(I didn't even took the time to "cut" the photos on a same page, for once, sorry...)

So... this month we have:

Beauti-fool's festival (with Gullet, Lab., my beloved Pink Hallelujah, Deadman, Miyavi, Despair's Ray, Merri [spelling?], Mucc, and such)
Dir en Grey
Psycho le Cemu
Some other festival with L' Arc, S.O.A.P., Mucc, Tetsu 69, and others
Moi dix mois

And please note Balzac copying The Beatles:
(just look at the drum! this typo is COMPLETELY copied from The Beatles!)

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